Tuition & Fee Tables


Fall 2022 rates are subject to change based on the decision made by the Board of Regents at their July 2022 meeting.


General Public (for those not yet admitted to the University of Iowa) For a general tuition estimate, click on the session indicator in the top right hand corner, then select College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The first table displays undergraduate resident Liberal Arts & Sciences tuition by hour with mandatory fees.

Students should refer to their primary program of study; college, resident status, and if applicable, major and classification, to determine the correct assessment tuition table.

Students who enroll in a distance education course who otherwise would be in another program of study are assessed tuition and fees based on their primary program of study. For example, a Liberal Arts and Sciences resident student who enrolls in a distance education course with an 0EXW section during the summer session will be assessed Liberal Arts & Sciences resident tuition, and not through the Distance Education Program tuition and fee tables.

To verify which tuition table to use, go to MyUI, Financial Aid & Billing, Student Finances, Tuition & Mandatory Fees. This page displays your primary program of study information. Additional fee hours may apply based on course enrollment.

Exceptions: This method of assessing tuition and fees does not apply to: Public Health off-campus; Professional MBA, Business Analytics - Professional, Online MBA, workshop enrollments; Lakeside Lab enrollments; or CIMBA. See Academic Fees to view fee rates for those programs.