Tuition & Fee Tables


General Public (for those not yet admitted to the University of Iowa) For a general tuition estimate, click on the session indicator in the top right hand corner, then select College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The first table displays undergraduate resident Liberal Arts & Sciences tuition by hour with mandatory fees.

Students should refer to their primary program of study; college, resident status, and if applicable, major and classification, to determine the correct assessment tuition table.

Students who enroll in a distance education course who otherwise would be in another program of study are assessed tuition and fees based on their primary program of study. For example, a Liberal Arts and Sciences resident student who enrolls in a distance education course with an 0EXW section during the summer session will be assessed Liberal Arts & Sciences resident tuition, and not through the Distance Education Program tuition and fee tables.

To verify which tuition table to use, go to MyUI, Financial Aid & Billing, Student Finances, Tuition & Mandatory Fees. This page displays your primary program of study information. Additional fee hours may apply based on course enrollment.

Exceptions: This method of assessing tuition and fees does not apply to: Public Health off-campus; Professional MBA, Business Analytics - Professional, Online MBA, workshop enrollments; Lakeside Lab enrollments; or CIMBA. See Academic Fees to view fee rates for those programs.